Naturehike Hexagon Cotton Canvas Camping Canopy Tent

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  • Balance of water resistance and air permeability
    The fabric of cotton canvas series canopy is treated with water repellent coating. Cotton is designed to provide the best balance between water resistance and air permeability. Cotton canvas fabric is not "waterproof" like plastic or synthetic materials.
  • Cotton canvas is a kind of natural material
    It will mildew and damage when it is stored wet. If you store a cotton canopy after a shower or early morning dew condensation, set up the canopy immediately after you go home and let it dry completely before long-term storage.
  • Please pay attention to cleaning (including tent pole) during storage
    Before long-term storage, please clean the dirt and other natural follow-up objects, and keep other accessories such as poles and ground nails clean. The best way to clean the canopy is to clean it with water and a soft brush and then dry it. Do not use alkaline or irritant washing products to avoid damaging the water repellent coating of the canopy.




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     wind rope*10, stainless steel ground nail*10


    About 4.5kg

    Material Blended cotton