Naturehike Transparent TPU Gear Repair Outdoor Patch(3pcs)

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  • TPU multi-purpose patch fabric repair scope: tent, sleeping bag, inflatable pad, sponge pad, inflatable pillow, inflatable sofa, waterproof bag.

  • Wide repair range: TPU self-adhesive patch, waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, suitable for repairing tents and various inflatable products.

  • Self-contained adhesive is easy to use: No adhesive is required, the adhesive is self-adhesive, fast repair and strong adhesion, not easy to fall off.

  • Flexibility and tear resistance: TPU material, good mulberry toughness, tear resistance, suitable for the repair of inflatable products.

  • Waterproof and leak proof after repair: after repair, it has strong water resistance and can be used in humid environment. Waterproof bag can be used on water after pasting.


  • Step 1: Please keep the damaged area dry, clean and level before repairing. If the damaged surface is larger than 5cm, it is recommended to sew first and then paste it.

  • Step 2: Cut an appropriate amount of size patch and fit it smoothly on the damaged part. If there is any air bubbles, please discharge it.

  • Step 3: After pasting, press evenly and evenly. The effect of pressing with a flat hard object is better. The repair is completed after about 30 minutes, and no inflation is allowed during this period.

Precautions for product use

1. Material suitable for repair
Outside the tent account, the tent bottom account. Jackets, down jackets, raincoats, waterproof bags, etc. Inflatable boats, air beds, swimming rings, inflatable sofas, beach balls, waterproof bags and other inflatable products.
It can bond a variety of materials, such as pvc, nylon, canvas, artificial leather, rubber, various plastics, metals, glass, etc.

2. Matters needing attention
1. Please make sure the wound is dry, clean and flat before repairing. If the crack exceeds 5cm, it needs to be sutured before repairing.
2 Try not to choose the silicone oil surface of the fabric for the repair surface, which will affect the fastness of the paste.
3. After sticking, let it stand for 30 minutes without inflating or tearing.
4 Mesh fabrics cannot be repaired with this patch.