Naturehike Sports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg Step Pressure Pads

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  • Naturehike leg protectors customize thepressure value of different areas according todifferent calf parts

  • Material Technology:Protect your muscles by targeting them with dots

  • Suitable for many occasions, such as running, playing basketball, climbing, cycling, etc.


  1. It is not recommended to wear protective gear for a long time andtake it off whhen sleepin
  2. This product cannot be used as a substitute for medical protectiveequipment . Please seek medical advice in time .
  3. Do not dry clean , machine wash is not recommended , do not wash at high temperature
  4. It is mainly ventilated naturally . If there is any peculiar smell , hand washwith warm water or neutral washing liquid
  5. After ventilation and drying , do not expose to the sun .