Naturehike Outdoor Ultralight Dyneema Backpack Hiking Bag

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  • Comfortable weight-bearing, lightweight design: ergonomic design, fit back curve. Shift the center of gravity to enhance the comfort of the backpack.
  • EVA cushion: The EVA cushion on the back is comfortable, breathable and does not burn the back. EVA cushion and mesh and back paste make the back breathable, heat dissipation and more comfortable.
  • Short term Camping: the backpack is light-weight design, and the equipment also needs to be light-weight. The core load of the backpack is 5kg, so it is more comfortable to carry.
  • Dyneema polymer fabric: Dyneema is an excellent brand of high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). High strength, splash proof.
  • Maximum Support: with wide adjustable shoulder straps and foam back pad cushion, you’ll feel fully supported wherever you roam. 


Model NH20BB206
Color Grey, Black
Fabric Dyneema, elastic mesh
Size 55×25×16cm
Storage size 58×36×3cm
Weight About 340g
Capacity 20L
Recommended weight 55-70kg
Load weight  5kg (comfortable to carry)
Recommended height  160 ~ 170cm